Building a Pool in Small Backyards


One of the most common questions Bogner Pools encounters is: “Do I have enough room for a pool?” We would like to help answer this question.

Every yard is unique and can present its own unique challenges. Some yards have plenty of room and others are not as spacious and also present challenges getting heavy equipment into the backyard.

Here are 3 space-related issues commonly encountered:

  • Is there physically enough room in the yard to construct an in-ground pool?

  • Can a bobcat or excavator fit between your house and the property line fence?

  • Where should the pool equipment be installed if space is limited?

Generally, a pool can be built just about any size, large or small. One of the most important aspects of designing a pool in a tight space is creativity and more importantly, accuracy. Our estimators will help you consider both design concerns and building code restrictions as we try to maximize the outcome of your project. We measure and record your yard dimensions very carefully. Our designs are based on the exact information gathered at your residence. The end result should be a swimming pool you absolutely love!

Heavy equipment access to a backyard is always a concern but becomes even more of a challenge as homes are built closer and closer together. Bogner Pools truly believes the old saying: “where there is a will, there is a way.” We may have to use a rather small machine and take a little more time to export the dirt from your backyard but it’s an option. There are design choices that can help minimize the amount of soil that needs to leave the backyard as well. We have even excavated projects with wheel barrows, jack hammers and shovels. This is an absolute last resort and believe us, it’s not fun. If no other option is available, it can be done.

Choosing a pool equipment location can be tricky. While it’s arguable that anywhere out of view is most important, it is just as important to consider filtration efficiency due to distance from the pool and of course the cost of plumbing and electrical which is affected by distance as well. Another part of the equation is code compliance. Bogner Pools know what is allowable for every municipality we work within. Experience is valuable when attempting to strike a balance between all of these variables.

Bogner Pools is ready and willing to take a look at your small backyard or challenging access. We promise to help turn a challenge into something stunning for you to enjoy.

-Nelson Yanes
Design and Sales Consultant