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A brief explanation of the new variable speed pump advantages

Until now all pool pumps were sized for the largest amount of water needed, typically the spa. This was very inefficient for the day to day operation of the pool, which generally requires up to half the water demand of the spa. With the VS pump, we can adjust the pump speed up or down to achieve the correct water flow without wasting electricity pumping water that we don’t need. This results in energy savings of 30-90%.


Here are several benefits to replacing a single speed pump

Typical energy savings of 30% can total hundreds of dollars per year. Service life of critical parts is dramatically extended because the pump is always working at peak efficiency. The IntelliFlo VS pump is quieter than a whisper, emitting just 7-10 decibels. Simply dial pump speed up or down to change water flow and multiply the effects of your water features. Easily linked to EasyTouch® pool and spa control systems for even greater convenience and control.

Here are realistic estimates when comparing IntelliFlo to a traditional pump running between 3.6 and 12 hrs/day at various utility rates (in dollars per kilowatt hours [kwh]) in a 20,000 gallon pool.

  • At $0.15/kwh estimated savings range from $324 to $1356 per year
  • At $0.20/kwh estimated savings range from $432 to $1808 per year
  • At $0.30/kwh estimated savings range from $649 to $2712 per year

Every pool is different. Because of this we would love the opportunity to assess your individual needs and possible savings. Some pools may require new time clocks or controllers to achieve the highest gains in efficiency.