Tips for selecting a pool contractor

The process of obtaining bids and selecting a pool company can be overwhelming to say the least. Consider these tips to separate the legitimate contractors from the rest.

Get an itemized bid.  Establishing a unit cost and quantity for each and every phase of construction is important. If additions or deletions occur, this keeps you as the homeowner in control of the final cost.

Insist on a detailed drawing.  You will find there are several ways to present a swimming pool. Bogner treats this part of the process very literally. We draw very precise plans, then we bid and build that plan exactly.

Ask about the pay schedule.  Most contractors accept or even demand payment up front. We simply wont accept payment on a project until it is 90% complete. On occasion we request a mid project draw on larger projects.

Visit the establishment.  A pool company is much more than the individual you are negotiating with. Is there an established place of business? Are there display pools? Is there a staff answering the phone?

Obtain lien releases. You never have to ask for a lien release at Bogner Pools. It is automatic and unconditional. We prove we have payed for every item in your back yard long before we present you with the bill. Bogner is risk free.

Ask around.  The more you ask around, the more our name comes up as a reputable builder.

Check the CSLB and BBB.  Make sure you verify the status of any contractor with the Contractors State License Board and the Better Business Bureau. It is important to see a track record of happy customers. No complaints and an A+ rating are evidence of this.

Tips for pool design

Most cities and counties have very similar requirements for pools. Here are some guidelines to help you prepare your design ideas. There are special circumstances in all cities but these rules are a good starting point in the design process.

  • Pool - 5' set back from property line.
  • Pool - 5' setback from any non tempered glass.
  • Pool - Can be engineered as close as 3' to residence.
  • Equipment - 5' setback from property line (some cities require a masonry sound wall).
  • Equipment - 12" from residence.
  • Fencing - 5' tall approved fence.
  • Fencing - Gates must swing away from pool and self close.