Motor running - no return water pressure

  • Pump or Skimmer baskets filled with debris
  • Low water level in pool
  • Skimmer basket hung-up
  • Filter needs cleaning

Heater not operating (consult heater manual)

  • Filter needs cleaning
  • Temperature control not set properly

Motor not running

  • Time clock not set properly
  • Circuit breaker in panel box not engaged
  • Impeller clogged
  • Motor burned out

Pool too full of water

  • On the side of the heater is a hose bib. Attach garden hose to the hose bib. With pump running, open hose bib. When water is at desired level, close hose bib before shutting off pump

Diatomaceous earth kickback

  • Neglected to remove drain plug (See filter cleaning instructions)
  • If filter is operating and there is earth kickback, check to see if filter grids have been installed correctly

Skimmer not working

  • Probably the equalizer float has sealed off skimmer. Turn pump off. Wait 5 seconds to turn pump on