Pool Cleaner

If you need service on your pool cleaner during the 1st year after completion of your pool, please contact Bogner Pools at 688-5543. After the 1st year, please take your pool cleaner to Leslie’s Pool Supply at 10430 Magnolia, Riverside (354-6387). They are the authorized service center in the area.

Diving Board

The diving board should not be used for 3 weeks from the day of deck pour. This allows the decking to cure to sufficient hardness.

Spa Heat

Maximum Safe Temperature for Spa Pool is 104 degrees.

Plaster Curing

Within a week or two after your pool has been plastered, you will probably notice gray streaks on your plastered walls (especially on an overcast day or early morning). Do not be alarmed by this as it happens in the majority of pools because of hard water conditions. By keeping your PH at the proper level, you can minimize this.


In due time your coping that is directly over the skimmer will get a hairline crack in it (if the pool has cantilever decking, the same can happen). This is not a structural defect, as you might think. It is caused by a bridging effect over the top of the skimmer.


If your pool is being constructed in expansive type soil, refrain from planting grass or any type of plant that requires a lot of water. An excessive amount of water around the deck can cause the ground to expand and begin to lift the decking up. This will cause many cracks in the deck and the coping to loosen from the pool. This movement of concrete can also cause the tile to crack and pop off.

Cold Weather

During the winter months we sometimes have freezing weather. If this should happen, run your filter at night. Moving water will not freeze in the pipes.


On windy or extremely hot days, your pool water can evaporate as much as 1" per day (even if no one is using the pool). Normal evaporation is 1/4" to 1/2" per day.

Pool Volume

To figure the approximate number of gallons in your pool use this formula: Square footage ____ X Average Depth ____ X 7 = ____ gallons. The average spa contains approximately 700 gallons of water.