Before and After Your Swimming Pool Consultation


Ever wonder what you should spend time thinking about before you schedule a consultation with a pool designer? We are happy to assist you with some ideas and topics to help refine your thought process leading up to your appointment.

Since we are the experts in constructing swimming pools, one might think that we have cornered the market on good ideas, but in all reality we need your help with designing your custom pool. Below are some practical ways to do some research, think ahead and ultimately guide your pool estimator to facilitate your dream pool.

Before selecting a pool contractor to consult with:

  • Research and investigate reputable companies

  • Look on website to verify current contractors license information

  • Look at review sites to view testimonials from current and past clients

  • Choose a few companies to design and bid

  • Set a realistic budget and have an open mind

Items to gather for your design consultation:

  • Pictures of what you like

  • Pictures of what you do not like (funny but actually helpful)

  • Identify materials and finishes you prefer for your swimming pool

  • Identify where you would like the pool and spa in your backyard

  • Identify your realistic time frame to finish constructing the build

Reviewing information provided from your pool consultation:

  • Make sure you are reviewing like bids from different contractors

  • Make sure the bids are itemized

  • Be open to feedback and best practices from an experienced designer

  • Be willing and open to negotiating your pool and spa design.

  • Choose a builder who you trust and understands your needs.

Only you can determine who you feel most confident with when it comes to putting this new asset in your backyard. What sets us apart from our competition is that Bogner Pools has been building pool and spa projects for the last 60 years in the Inland Empire. Another positive trait to consider is that we have always been and will continue to remain family owned.

We promise to provide outstanding customer service if we have the privilege of sharing our swimming pool knowledge and experience with you.

-Chris Feicht
Design and Sales Consultant