Choose the Right Pool Contractor


Why is choosing a reputable pool contractor near you so much work? We are here to help you form the right strategy, ask the right questions, and gather the most important information.

It is easy to get fixated on the wrong portions of a pool bid presentation when interviewing prospective pool builders such as:

  • Paying more attention to the bells and whistles in a 3D drawing than the actual accuracy, quality and method of construction.

  • Bargain hunting and usually overreaching, rather than being realistic about the budget needed to avoid cutting corners.

  • Entertaining estimators that say “yes” to every request rather than actually discuss all the options and truly have your best interest as a priority.


Every pool construction company presents their information differently. Some are willing to design in the home while others focus on how polished they can make their presentation with 3D renderings. Accuracy is critical when building a residential swimming pool. There are several planning and engineering requirements and tolerances that have to be considered and are too many to list here. Bogner certainly presents a pool design and bid in a professional manner but will always put accuracy and integrity of design first. We want to build the pool exactly as presented.

We have all heard the phrase “there are no free rides.” Nothing could be more true in swimming pool construction. There’s a fine line between sticking to a budget and cutting corners. Hiring the cheapest builder and settling for subpar methods and materials often costs you more money in the long run. Rather than falling for too-good-to-be-true offers, be realistic and build the highest quality pool you can afford.

Honesty and integrity really do matter. If your estimator is truly trying to meet your needs or solve a problem, they will treat you with respect when you ask questions. Part of integrity is helping you see a different solution or perspective that may very well be in your best interest. Is your pool estimator trying to help you or help themselves? The only way to benefit from the experience of a long standing pool contractor is to ask questions and work through all of the possible solutions.

Bogner Pools is ready and willing to work with you on your pool project. We promise attention to detail, realistic pricing, and most of all integrity.

-Frank Sandoval
25 Years with Bogner Pools